Why Manufacture Locally?

Local manufacturers represent some of the most diverse, innovative businesses in San Francisco. They design and manufacture products  for consumers, specialty products for other industries, or are established contract manufacturers. The businesses span a wide range, from traditional manufacturers who have been in operation for more than 100 years to innovative start-ups who have chosen to establish themselves in San Francisco in just the past year. Companies who manufacture locally have made a conscious decision to embrace local manufacturing as a vital component of their business strategy, and celebrate the eclectic and soulful social environs that embody San Francisco and its people. They manufacture locally because it makes sense, for the following reasons:

Brand Identity
Local manufacturers understand there’s a certain “pride of place” that comes from actually making a product within a defined geographic, social, and historic region. San Francisco plays an integral part of the overall value proposition of these companies, their brand, and their products. Local manufactures use the “brand” of San Francisco- the history, culture, personality and natural beauty of our city- as a means to uniquely identify and differentiate their products and more powerfully connect with their consumer base.

Infrastructure Capacity
San Francisco has an infrastructure that is particularly suited to the production of apparel and accessories, food and beverage, and furniture and wood products. However, take a look at our member directory and you’ll find that there’s still a diverse range of products made here.

Local Supply Chain
Local manufacturers benefit greatly from having their supply chain and contractors near by. They are able to rapidly prototype, introduce new products on a regular basis, and begin production with shorter lead times. Local production is especially suited to small batch, high quality and customizable products. Local factories offer flexibility and the opportunity for intensive quality control. And, local production is much more environmentally sustainable.

Skilled Workforce
The heart and soul of the local manufacturer is their workforce – the skilled craftspeople, technicians, and product designers. By manufacturing locally, companies are able to pull talent from the diverse and skilled local workforce and find most of their workers from surrounding neighborhoods. Manufacturers in San Francisco play an especially important economic role in some of the City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods, in which many of our companies are located.