Who Can Be A Member?

SFMade’s criteria for joining the Certified Local Manufacturer Program are:

  • Headquartered in San Francisco and/or has a registered business license in San Francisco;
  • Primarily design and manufacture a physical product (vs a digital product or a service);
  • Manufacture one or more products in San Francisco;
  • Have a San Francisco-based work force with the desire to grow over time;
  • Have one full time employee;
  • For manufacturers of consumer products: You must have one or more products for sale at a retail store or online.


It is the policy of SFMade to comply with all the relevant and applicable provisions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as state and local laws concerning the engagement of persons with disabilities.  SFMade will not discriminate against any client or person because of a physical or mental impairment with respect to any terms, privileges, or conditions of engagement, including but not limited to SFMade programs, activities and services.