Sales Platforms


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Our mission is to democratize the market place in favor of local smaller artisan manufacturers. We do this by creating ways to increase exposure for the products made by our artisans. We currently offer 3 channels for our artisans:

  • Sampling in a Car: we have a network of over 1500 ridesharing drivers who carry Zampl Boxes. These boxes are filled...

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Storefront is the marketplace for short-term retail space, and the easiest way to open a pop-up shop.

Brands, local or large, can search retail space listings available from one day to three months or more. Once you find the perfect space, you can submit a booking request and reserve the space directly on the site.


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Shoppista.com is a software platform focused marketing & selling boutique goods through social networks. We provide a turn-key solution for clients including hosting of unlimited product photos, integrated shopping cart, and marketing tools for promoting through social networks such as Facebook & Twitter. We also provide membership in our growing online community of like-minded sellers and shoppers as well as the opportunity to join other relevant marketplaces without additional workload.
Current customers include bricks & mortar...

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