Contact Us

Physical Address:
The Tech Shop Building
926 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Email: finance@sfmade.org

Kate Sofis, Executive Director
email: kate@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 X 1

Janet Lees, Senior Director
email: janet@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 2

Ferron Salniker, Program Manager
email: ferron@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 3

Abbie Wertheim, Project Manager
email: abbie@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 4

Brittany Maxwell, Community Engagement Coordinator
email: brittany@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 6

Claire Michaels, Manufacturing Workforce and Hiring Manager
email: claire@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 7

Michelle Collier, Manager of Finance and Funder Engagement
email: michelle@sfmade.org
415-408-5605 x 9

Noah Snyder, Places to Make Program Manager
email: noah@sfmade.org


General Inquiries
email: info@sfmade.org