SFMade brings a new, integrated approach to creating a sustainable community, through local manufacturing. A non-profit only launched in February 2010, SFMade creates solutions and provides resources which sustain and grow companies that make product locally, hire local people, and contribute to the diversity our community prides itself on. SFMade program areas include: Business Incubation and Growth; Workshops and Networking; Workforce Development; a Retail and Brand Platform; Infrastructure Development; and Public Education.


It seems that nothing is made here any more. Manufacturing, in the US and in the Bay Area, has been in precipitous decline, and with it, the jobs that sustain the livelihoods of our seamstresses, our carpenters, our bakers, and the fine products they create.

San Francisco has lost 65% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001.

But can you imagine a different reality?

  • Where skilled trades people and youth can find well-paying jobs and build a secure future, working in manufacturing?
  • Where we can enjoy a diversity of quality products that are made right here, in our own backyard?
  • Where our children will play with a toy that says on the bottom, “Made in San Francisco”?

The time is now, to Make It Better, Make it Here.