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Manufacturers face many challenges when looking for space in San Francisco including high rents, lack of supply, complicated permitting process as well as S.F.’s landlord favored property market. Understanding the many difficulties, SFMade developed the Places to Make program to effectively guide manufacturers through the real estate process by identifying and securing the right space and structuring the most advantageous lease or purchase agreement.

We begin the process by listening to understand your specific needs and then work together to ideate an effective real estate strategy. Please fill out the following questions and SFMade’s Places to Make Program manager will review your requirements and get back to you, normally within three (3) business days.

Define Your Space Needs - v2 (API)

  • General Business Information

  • Property owners will often request to see your company’s financials to ensure you will be able to pay for your rent as well as other business operating expenses.
  • Space Needs

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  • What type of business do you run and how do you intend to use your space? If possible, break out uses by % of space (e.g. office, warehouse/storage, production space, retail)