SFMade can help you source capital for a variety of purposes including startup costs, tenant improvements, equipment, machinery, working capital, general operations as well as a real estate purchase. Depending upon your needs and financial position, there are several sources of capital that we can help you access.

Forms of capital we can assist you to borrow and/or raise:

There are many loan programs, including both State and Federal loan guarantee programs, dedicated for industrial businesses and several experienced lenders in the community who market these special products. We can help you navigate the many lenders and loan product options – including government-backed loans, lines of credit, equipment or other asset based loans, or real estate products – to assure the right match for your needs and your specific business situation.

Crowd Funding
Crowd-funding allows businesses with relatively small or start-up capital needs to raise funds using an on-line portal, such as IndieGogo or Kickstarter. Typically crowd-funded campaigns for manufacturers involve asking for contributions to a specific project in return for pre-defined “benefits” – the most common of which is a commitment to provide finished product to the donor. In this way, crowd-funding acts as a way to raise capital by “pre-selling” products, in advance of manufacturing.

Many growing manufacturers find themselves at the point where major capital investments are needed that exceed what a lender will provide. Equity investment allows a company to take on capital without the immediate need to “service” the debt or make repayments, in return for a small % ownership stake in your company. SFMade can help you identify potential equity investors or “angels” as well as guide you on how to structure the deal.

To get started, click the button below to complete the Craft Capital questionnaire and SFMade will work with you to access the appropriate source(s) of capital for your business. Please allow up to three (3) business days for a response.
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