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Hiring Made Better: HR Resources for SFMade Members

Before you pay to post on Craigslist and spend hours sorting through applications… try SFMade’s Hiring Made Better Program! We understand the needs of manufacturers and can make the hiring process quicker, less expensive, and less painful.

SFMade’s Hiring Made Better Program can help you to:

• Craft a job description

• Connect to a pool of local job seekers through the SFMade job board

• Get information about hiring tax incentives

• Choose between final candidates for an open position

• Get sample HR materials such as employee handbooks, attendance policies, annual review forms, etc.

• Connect to professional assistance such as: HR consultants, lawyers, payroll companies, etc.

• Connect to local youth through a new program called YouthMade– interns receive a grant funded stipend and are covered by worker’s comp through our partner organization, the United Way of the Bay Area.

• And more! Feb 2015 SFMade Hiring and Recruitment Manual Click here to access the SFMade Hiring and Recruiting Manual.

Hiring Made Better is free!

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How It Works
• Starting the Process: Hiring Company sends a basic job description to SFMade, including: Duties, desired qualifications and experience, hours, salary range, how to apply, 2-3 sentences about your company, and start date.

• Promotion: SFMade promotes your job role to the SFMade network and throughout our network of San Francisco workforce partner organizations.

• Pre-Qualified Candidates Identified: SFMade receives a set of pre-qualified candidates, and forwards their credentials to the Hiring Company.

• Candidate Screening and Selection: Hiring Company interviews and selects a candidate.

• Obtain Extra Incentives and Subsidies: SFMade works with the City to deploy any special local, State, or Federal incentives or subsidies that may be available for that particular candidate – incentives are paid directly to the Hiring Company to offset hiring and on the job training costs.

• Complete New Hire: Company completes provides Employment Verification information to SFMade and hires candidate.

We reach out to over 40 San Francisco workforce training organizations to connect you to local job seekers who have the skills and experience you need.

Many higher level job seekers find the Job Board on their own- SFMade gets a lot of press and our website is high traffic. We’ve made placements ranging from entry level to skilled technicians and managers. Positions range from office to sales to production.

For more info contact Claire Michaels, Manufacturing Workforce and Hiring Manager at claire@sfmade.org or (415) 408-5605 ext. 7

Youth Programming

In addition to our youth internship program YouthMade, SFMade has launched a new partnership called Inside Manufacturing to expose local high school students to potential careers in the manufacturing sector.