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Service Providers


SFMade is the only organization of its kind focused on supporting manufacturing companies and building San Francisco’s local manufacturing sector. As part of our work to connect local manufacturers to organizations who are providing programs and services that compliment SFMade’s programmatic offerings, SFMade is pleased to partner with for-profit service providers who have specific offerings and expertise tailored to the needs of the manufacturing community. We are especially interested in offerings in the targeted areas of our work, including:

  • Providing access to capital specifically for manufacturers, including equipment financing and financing for purchase/build-out of industrial real estate
  • Software and IT solutions specific to manufacturing
  • Financial management and accounting competency
  • Supply chain consulting expertise
  • HR, legal and other professional services
  • General business management and strategy for manufacturers

Service Provider Program

SFMade will actively promote the services of our approved Service Providers to the SFMade member companies through our key channels:

  • Directory Listing. Service Providers will be listed in the Service Provider Directory on the SFMade website
  • Workshops: Service Providers may market specific services through presenting at workshops organized by SFMade*

*NOTE: Workshops will be organized on an as needed basis by SFMade and not all service providers will be solicited to present.

Service Providers also have the opportunity to attend all SFMade workshops and events, as well as will have first opportunity for sponsorships at major SFMade events.

Finally, our Service Providers, as supporting members of the SFMade community, are able to say that they are supporting a critical local resource and helping to develop San Francisco’s local manufacturing sector, and the thousands of jobs it sustains.

Annual Fee

There is no fee to be a Service Provider. However, as a non-profit, SFMade is largely funded through contributions that directly support our mission, and donations from Service Providers are welcomed.



While SFMade does not assess (or guarantee) the quality of each Service Provider, we do generally want to ensure that all Service Providers have direct expertise working with companies who manufacture products. Please allow ten business days for processing.

  • Contact person at company.
  • Contact person at company.
  • Contact person at company.
  • Contact person at company.
  • Describe your product or service and your specific experience working with manufacturers. We are especially interested in providers who are located in and/or have worked with San Francisco-based companies. If you will be offering any discount or other incentive program to SFMade members, please also describe that offering. This description will be included on our website.
  • A link to a positive Yelp review or other public facing website of your services or product, written by a local San Francisco manufacturer.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.